Keweenaw Trails

Biking in the Keweenaw

Mountain Biking

  It’s a field day for mountain bikers in the Keweenaw — from marked trails to hilltop vistas, you have many, many options. Some ideas below – check out the list of trails and maps, too.

  • Take a ride up Brockway Mountain for vistas of Copper Harbor and Lake Superior.
  • Park at the northern terminus of US-41 and bike to the tip of the peninsula.
  • Check out the technical single track at places like Michigan Tech (Houghton), Swedetown (Calumet) and Churning Rapids (Hancock).

Trails and Maps

Annual Mountain Biking Events (see events page for details)

Keweenaw Tread Fest (Father’s Day weekend)

Great Deer Chase – showcasing the Swedetown trails each August

Copper Harbor Trails Fest – Labor Day weekend

Road Cycling in the Keweenaw

The Keweenaw offers a variety of terrain for all abilities of road cycling. Here are some suggested routes that have low levels of auto traffic or have wide shoulders.

M-203 – M-203 starts at the west end of downtown Hancock and follows the Portage canal to McLain State Park, then continues to Calumet. There is some rolling terrain – no steep hills. 203 has a shoulder for cyclists to use.

  • Hancock-McLain is 10 miles (20 miles round-trip)
  • Hancock-Calumet is 17 miles one-way
  • Lakeshore Drive makes a side-trip loop. The south end intersects with M-203 1.5 miles north of the McLain State Park entrance. The north intersection meets M-203 about one mile south of Calumet. Riding from the south, the road has a long steep incline before it rejoins M-203.

North of Hancock – The area that includes Lake Annie Road, Pontiac Road, Boston Crosscut Road and Boston Road provides very nice riding just north of Hancock. Pontiac Road has a rough section, but the rest of the riding is smooth. Don’t use Lake Annie Crosscut – it is not paved. Use Boston Crosscut as your connector.

Houghton Canal, Liminga, Freda – There are many options in the area west of Houghton. The Houghton Canal Road begins on M-26, about 0.5 miles west of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge. You can bike to Schmidt’s Corner and turn left on Liminga Road, which runs all the way to Freda. Some paved roads provide opportunities for customizing your route. Another option: start at Kestner Park (Houghton beach – location of Chutes and Ladders) and ride the Canal Road to the end (“the breakers”) and back. 20 miles round-trip.

US-41 – US-41 has a lot of traffic, but also a very wide shoulder. Popular routes include Houghton to Chassell (7 miles one-way) and Hancock to Calumet (12 miles one-way). In Keweenaw County, there is no shoulder from Lac LaBelle to Copper Harbor.

Lake Linden to Jacobsville/White City Beach: 40 mile round trip.

Calumet to Bete Grise: 44 miles one-way

L’Anse waterfront park to Pequaming and Second Sand Beach and back: 22 miles; all along Keweenaw Bay (east side) with little traffic.