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Groomer trail report form

November 13, 2018

Michigan Tech – Upper trails groomed this morning and Linden/Peepsock Loops will be ready for later this afternoon. Please stay off the other competition trails at the request of the Michigan Tech Nordic ski coaches for now while we work to build the base. More trails to open as we get more snow.

November 12, 2018

Michigan Tech -Upper Trails groomed today and in great condition. Portage is a little wet and there are a couple thin spots out there on the rest of the Upper Trails. Please stay off competition trails at the request of the Michigan Tech Nordic Ski Team for now while we work to build the base (that means everything east of Core Loop). More trails to open as we get more snow.

Swedetown – All trails are open at Swedetown! Papa Bear and Powderhouse were rolled and packed today, and will be dragged and have tracks set tomorrow. Tracks were set on all other sections, and all sections except Mama Bear and Baby Bear were dragged today, and will be dragged tomorrow. For those that log their season days: if we can hold snow until May 10th, it’s possible to get in 180 days of skiing this year! Six whole months!

November 11, 2018

Swedetown – Classic tracks are set on Len’s Loop, Valley, Cedar, Birch, Tamarack, Greenstone, Pine, and Pine Ridge. Grooming will continue throughout the day.

Sunday update: Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Ed’s Loop are all packed and rolled. Tracks will be set on those loops tomorrow. Come and check out the new reroute on Ed’s Loop!

November 10, 2018

Swedetown – The following trails were rolled and packed today: Len’s Loop, Pine, Valley, Cedar, Birch, Tamarack, and Greenstone. Early season conditions prevail, but it’s not a bad start to the season! We plan to set tracks on the above loops on Sunday morning, and those trails will also be dragged, leading to a more uniform and firm surface. NOTE: deer season is now open, with archery hunting through November 14, followed with gun season starting on November 15. Please be advised that you may see hunters in the vicinity of the trails, and please wear BRIGHT FLUORESCENT ORANGE OR YELLOW colors for safety. Here’s to a long and fun season folks!

November 9, 2018

Michigan Tech -We hope to have a few loops for ready for Sunday if the expected snow falls. Loops that may be available for skate only will be: Core, Birch, Isle Royale, Superior and Portage Loops. All other trails will be rolled only to help build base for JNQ at Coach Tom’s request. As the base builds we will open more trails.