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Groomer trail report form

December 9, 2018

Michigan Tech – Classic tracks reset on Upper Loops. Tracks are still in great shape on the other trails (they will be reset tomorrow). All trails dragged today. Lower trails are starting to smooth out and looking better every day.

Swedetown -New tracks were put down and all trails were dragged. Conditions are firming up nicely, especially on the snow bike trail. Grooming completed at 10:30 am.

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – Early Saturday morning all trails were rolled. Tracks were set everywhere except for Mud lake, New River trail, and most of Churning Rapids. We will try to set tracks on all Churning Rapids trails Sunday morning, excluding the Spring Creek reroute. Conditions are improving and we’re seeing mostly good conditions everywhere. The Quincy trail, Mud Lake, New River trail and the River trail in the gorge still remain pretty rough. The River trail still has a couple wet spots.

December 8, 2018

Swedetown – All trails were rolled, dragged, and tracked this morning. Generally very good conditions throughout the system thanks to an little unexpected snow on Friday. Dog loops are open for business and the snow bike trail is ready to go. Grooming completed at 9:30 am.

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails rolled. Tracks set everywhere except mud lake, new river trail, and Churning Rapids. Tracks will be set everywhere in Churning Rapids on Sunday. Trails are mostly good, with a few minor wet spots and bumps.

Michigan Tech – Tracks set on upper, competition, and lower trails.

December 7, 2018

Churning Rapids Snow Bike – Trails groomed Thursday night. We hit everything except Lake Annie Trail and South Basswood. It could be ridden today (Friday) with low tire pressure. The route from Tomasi trailhead will be very soft so it may be better to start at Christensen. We plan to groom more Friday night so there should be decent riding on Saturday.

Swedetown – All trails dragged and tracked, including all of Powderhouse as well as Papa Bear. Get yer thrills on Flamingo hill, but be careful, as it is a little rough yet! Take Fido/Fidette out for a walk on the Dog Loops: they are open, but still a bit damp in spots. The snow bike trail has been freshly groomed as well, so there is truly something for everyone at STC today! Grooming completed at 11:00.

Michigan Tech – Tracks set on all Upper Loops. All trails dragged today. Tracks will be set on Competition Trails tomorrow.

December 6, 2018

Churning Rapids and Maasto Hiihto – All trails rolled. Tracks set on the city-side trails only. We do not have enough base to drag trails yet, so there are many rough sections still. Trails range from fair to good conditions.

Swedetown – Sorry for the late report folks, but it was a long day! All of the new snow from Wednesday night was rolled today (Thursday), and limited classic tracks were set. All trails will be dragged on Friday, and tracks will be set on all trails. The new snow has allowed us to reopen Powderhouse Field and Papa Bear, as well as Flamingo Hill, but Flamingo is still thin and a bit rough, so use caution! 

The Multipurpose (Dog) Loops will be opened tomorrow–stay tuned for an update on that.

Santa, all we want for Christmas is a little more of that Lake Effect Snow! Well, maybe a lot…

December 5, 2018

Churning Rapids Snow Bike – We’ve started packing in some of the trails and plan to do more grooming on Thursday and Friday in order to have some rideable trails for Saturday.

December 4, 2018

Michigan Tech – Tracks set on all Upper Trails. All trails dragged today.

December 3, 2018

Swedetown -All trails dragged and tracked except Da Bears and open field of Powderhouse.

December 2, 1028

Michigan Tech -Upper and Competition Trails dragged and classic tracks set on Birch and Oak Loops today.

December 1, 2018

Swedetown – All trails dragged and tracked, with the exception of Powderhouse field and Papa Bear. Generally good conditions, but there are some thin spots. The snow bike trail was freshly groomed this morning and is getting firmer every day. Grooming completed at 10:00 am.

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids -All trails rolled except the New River trail, Vista, Mud Lake, and the north section of Thoroughfare to Christensen Rd. Still waiting for more freezing of wet spots and filling of trail hazards to groom again. We hope to start grooming again the week of Dec. 10th, subject to weather.

November 30, 2018

Michigan Tech – All trails dragged, and we opened the Lower Trails for skiing today. Racers Return still needs a little more snow, also the connector from Ridge Loop to Royalewood is a little rough.

Swedetown – Trails were dragged today; tracks will be set on Saturday. The snow bike trail was dragged and is in fairly good shape as well. Heikki Lunta make it snow!

November 29, 2018

Michigan Tech – Upper Trails dragged today. Competition Trails are starting to get a little thin so we will hold off on grooming them until we get more snow. Preserving snow for our JNQ Race (Dec 15-16).

November 28, 2018

Michigan Tech – Upper and Competition Trails dragged today. No tracks yet.

Swedetown – All trails tracked except Bears, Ed’s and Powderhouse, Skate lanes dragged except Papa and Powderhouse, Snow bike trail dragged. We will switch to minimal grooming until more snow falls.

November 27, 2018

Swedetown -All trails dragged except Papa Bear and Powderhouse open field, No tracks yet.

November 26, 2018

Michigan Tech -Dragged Upper and Competition Trails for skate today. All classic tracks have been removed and will be reset after we get some fresh snow.

Swedetown – We’ll be dragging skate lanes tomorrow morning; hope to get rid of ski ruts. No tracks will be set until more snow falls. Bear loops are too thin to drag. Snow bike trail frozen and rideable.

November 25, 2018

Michigan Tech – The trails held on to the snow quite well during this warm-up. It’s currently a little soft this morning (6am) to groom, but as it hardens up we will get out and groom everything for skate today. Classics tracks will be set after we get a couple inches of fresh snow, so looking like Tuesday.

Swedetown – Trails are open again at Swedetown – no set striding tracks, expect early season skating conditions. Please no walking on the trails.

November 24, 2018

Swedetown  – Trails are closed today. Please stay off the trails; any activity will result in damage and delay the reopening when the weather turns cold again.

November 23, 2018

Swedetown – All but Powderhouse and Pine dragged and tracked. No grooming Saturday. Fat bike rules: Fat bikes only -3.8″ tire or larger, 3 to 5 PSI recommended for now. If you are leaving ruts please turn back. This is a trial season, please be considerate . Thank you.

November 22, 2018

Michigan Tech – Tails dragged this morning and competition trail tracks have been reset. With the warm up coming we will not be grooming Friday and Saturday, but hope to be back out Sunday morning.

Swedetown -Skate lanes and snow bike trails dragged this morning. We plan to drag and reset tracks Friday morning if temperatures are favorable. No grooming Saturday and possibly Sunday due to predicted warm temps and rain.

November 21, 2018

Swedetown – All trails tracked and dragged, including Fat bike trail,please run low tire pressure and do not ride on ski trails.We plan to drag trails Thursday morning. Fat Tuesdays do not start until we are tilling.

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – Still waiting for more snow to fill over trail hazards to the grooming equipment and the freezing of some wet spots. The trails are available for back country skiing and snowshoeing. We hope to begin grooming around December 1 but that is subject to trail conditions. Beware that due to flood damage only the middle portion of the River Trail along Swedetown Creek will be groomed this season with access via Sidewinder and Dam Hill.

November 20, 2018

Michigan Tech – Upper Trails and Competition Trails dragged this morning. Classic tracks are still in nice shape. Cemetery Loop is closed. Tolkien has been packed and is now usable with only a few small wet spots. Nara and River Loops are open.

November 19, 2018

Michigan Tech – Upper Trails and most Competition Trails groomed and tracks set this morning. Cemetery Loop is closed. Tolkien has been packed and is now usable with only a few wet spots. Lower trails have been packed but are still closed due to wet areas. Nara and River Loops are open

November 18, 2018

Swedetown -A ll trails were dragged. Fresh snow may cover some of the thin spots, so use caution (and perhaps not your best skis) for early season conditions. 

The snow bike trail is now open! The elves have been busy prepping approximately 10k of trail throughout the system, dedicated to fat tire enthusiasts. The trail is still soft, so expect to run at a lower tire pressure for best performance. Snow bikes are still welcome on the trails on Tuesday nights (Fat Tuesday), but please, no mountain bikes. 

Grooming completed at 10:00 a.m.

Swedetown Snow Bike – Snow bike update – Fat Tuesdays do not start until we are tilling; the base is still too soft, We will post when they are ready. The new fat bike trail is open and being groomed daily

Michigan Tech – Upper Trails and Linden/Peepsock Loops groomed this morning with tracks set. Competition trails groomed and open today. Tolkien has been packed and is now usable with only a few wet spots. Lower trails have been packed but are still closed due to wet areas.  Nara and River Loops are open.

November 17, 2018

Swedetown – All trails dragged and new classic tracks were set this morning. Generally good conditions throughout the system, but expect typical early season conditions with thin spots and some debris on the trails. Deer season is in progress; dress appropriately!

Michigan Tech – Upper Trails and Linden/Peepsock Loops groomed this morning with tracks set. Competition trails groomed and open today. Tolkien has been packed and is now usable with only a few wet spots.

November 16, 2018

Michigan Tech update – Still a little mist just before noon here. We will attempt again later this afternoon. Trails should freeze hard tonight.

Michigan Tech – A little warm this morning with a rain/snow mix going on. We are going to wait a couple hours for the temps to drop then groom. Hope to be completed by early afternoon.

Swedetown – All trails dragged this morning, tracks are in good shape and will be reset on Saturday morning. Good conditions throughout most of the system. NOTE: you may see some hunters in the area. It is advisable to wear bright conspicuous apparel for the next two weeks. Enjoy!

November 14, 2018

Swedetown – All trails dragged and tracked. Fair to good conditions prevail throughout the system.

Swedetown Snow Bike – We are now grooming our new 10K snow bike trail, the trail starts just left of main Valley trail gate. Please do not ride on ski trails until we start Fat Tuesdays. Groomed today for first time so might be soft,

Michigan Tech – Upper trails and Linden/Peepsock loops groomed this morning. The lower and the rest of the competition trails were packed again today. They are still showing a few wet spots. We are still at a 3″-4″ base so holding off for a little more snow to set tracks.

November 13, 2018

Michigan Tech – Upper trails groomed this morning and Linden/Peepsock Loops will be ready for later this afternoon. Please stay off the other competition trails at the request of the Michigan Tech Nordic ski coaches for now while we work to build the base. More trails to open as we get more snow.

November 12, 2018

Michigan Tech -Upper Trails groomed today and in great condition. Portage is a little wet and there are a couple thin spots out there on the rest of the Upper Trails. Please stay off competition trails at the request of the Michigan Tech Nordic Ski Team for now while we work to build the base (that means everything east of Core Loop). More trails to open as we get more snow.

Swedetown – All trails are open at Swedetown! Papa Bear and Powderhouse were rolled and packed today, and will be dragged and have tracks set tomorrow. Tracks were set on all other sections, and all sections except Mama Bear and Baby Bear were dragged today, and will be dragged tomorrow. For those that log their season days: if we can hold snow until May 10th, it’s possible to get in 180 days of skiing this year! Six whole months!

November 11, 2018

Swedetown – Classic tracks are set on Len’s Loop, Valley, Cedar, Birch, Tamarack, Greenstone, Pine, and Pine Ridge. Grooming will continue throughout the day.

Sunday update: Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Ed’s Loop are all packed and rolled. Tracks will be set on those loops tomorrow. Come and check out the new reroute on Ed’s Loop!

November 10, 2018

Swedetown – The following trails were rolled and packed today: Len’s Loop, Pine, Valley, Cedar, Birch, Tamarack, and Greenstone. Early season conditions prevail, but it’s not a bad start to the season! We plan to set tracks on the above loops on Sunday morning, and those trails will also be dragged, leading to a more uniform and firm surface. NOTE: deer season is now open, with archery hunting through November 14, followed with gun season starting on November 15. Please be advised that you may see hunters in the vicinity of the trails, and please wear BRIGHT FLUORESCENT ORANGE OR YELLOW colors for safety. Here’s to a long and fun season folks!

November 9, 2018

Michigan Tech -We hope to have a few loops for ready for Sunday if the expected snow falls. Loops that may be available for skate only will be: Core, Birch, Isle Royale, Superior and Portage Loops. All other trails will be rolled only to help build base for JNQ at Coach Tom’s request. As the base builds we will open more trails.