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Mountain Bike Trails Update – June 27

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Michigan Tech Trails – Much of the single track is in good shape. The area at the bottom of Just Mite and Don’t Think has been reworked to account for the now-missing ski trail bridge. Please enjoy these two new water crossings (but slow down at the bottom of these two trails)! The new water crossings (the water is only 3″ deep or so) also allow access to Hillside, Outer Limits and Walkabout. Please note that Walkabout is closed east of the Nara trailhead, given the culvert washout on the Ridge ski trail. In general, be careful and anticipate problems your first time out after the deluge.

Churning Rapids – Much of Churning Rapids is in good shape. However, the Spring Creek trail has washed away in the part along Spring Creek, so avoid that trail. In addition, the large groomer bridge over Spring Creek is intact, but the approaches are 12″ lower than the bridge. The Long Bridge on the Ruby Marsh trail needs some repair. Most of the single track bike bridges on Churning Rapids appear to be in place. Bridges on the Maki and High Point trails are MIA. You should not ride Brooks Gorge.

Maasto Hiihto – The pedestrian bridge on the Pine Trail, just east of Tomasi Road, has been moved back into place, but the approaches are very rough. Other bridges over Swedetown Creek are not in place.

Swedetown – Swedetown was unaffected by the deluge.

Copper Harbor – CH was also unaffected by the deluge.

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