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Mountain Bike Trails Update – June 19

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The flash flood disaster that hit the Houghton/Hancock area has had substantial impact on the mountain bike trails. The short story – plan to ride at Swedetown or Copper Harbor. Most trails at Michigan Tech are closed, and most trails at Churning Rapids have some sort of damage.

Here is a summary as of Tuesday, June 19.

Michigan Tech – Trails east of Core Loop remain closed. Everything east of Core Loop has significant erosion, missing bridges, downed trees, and flooding. The trails west of Core Loop are rideable.

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All bridges spanning Swedetown Creek have been damaged or washed away. Further assessment has revealed damage to many trails in Churning Rapids, including bridges displaced or destroyed along Spring Creek (affecting the Spring Creek, Maki, and Villie Maki trails). There is some damage to the long bridge on the Ruby Marsh trail. There are also washouts and damage on the Brooks Gorge trail. Given the many short boardwalks and bridges at Churning Rapids, riding is not recommended.

Swedetown – Swedetown Trails emerged relatively unscathed. Riders report trails are wet, but undamaged.

Copper Harbor – Copper Harbor trails are in good shape and rideable.

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